Self-Management & Self-Marketing

Students will learn how to use contemporary learning theories and fundamental management and marketing concepts to guide their self-and career development. The book describes learning activities aimed at developing, documenting, evaluating, peer-reviewing, presenting, and improving students’ practical self-management and self-marketing competencies and skills.

The book is written to accompany a popular Coursera® course ( This brief course will provide learners with powerful techniques for evidence-based, data-driven, and externally-verified skills assessment. We’ll show you how to implement individual skills management techniques to enhance your Functional Resume and generate a powerful Selection Criteria Statement.

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Hello Career Builder!

We assume that you are a working professional looking to enhance your current job, get a promotion, or even change your career. We expect that you have already identified a range of skills that you will need to master to achieve your next career goal. Well done!

As a busy professional, you have no time to waste. You probably know that in the corporate world, managers use Talent Management to develop their employees and gain a competitive advantage on the market. There are various tools and techniques, such as competency dashboards and skills matrices, that help companies to get skilled.

As an individual, you can use a similar approach for managing and developing your skills portfolio to excel in a competitive job market. Think about it as gaining a master skill, the skill to get skilled.

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